Rev. Dr. McKinley Drake


Pastor McKinley Drake is a native of Southwest Georgia. He was born to the proud parents of the late Deacon Theodus Drake Sr. and the late Deaconess Sarah Ella Drake. Pastor Drake grew up along with his thirteen sibling in a spiritual church environment out of which produced five brothers and two sisters who are preachers, four are successfully pastoring. Pastor is the husband of the lovely Mrs. Gloria Miller Drake. They have two children, Crystal (Calvin Sr) and Courtney, and three grands, Calvin, Mackenzie, and, Ava. Pastor Drake’s education is his undergraduate work at Albany State University where he was conferred upon the Bachelor of Science degree in Management, also Bethany Divinity College and Seminary, the Master of Ministry degree, also, and the Doctorate in Theological Studies

Pastor's Vision

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For the past twenty years, in his glorification of God, his relationship with Christ and his membership , and in his walk in the Holy Spirit, Pastor Drake  has proudly serve the congregation here at Greater Cutliff Grove with joy and honor. Pastor is a visionary leader who’s forward thinking focus on leading people to Christ in every cycle of life, “From the Womb to the Tomb;” and beyond into eternal life. Pastor Drake has cast in our lives vision he received from God about nativity, the genealogy of your true existence. Pastor Drake believes that you can never know for certain where you are going until you know where you truly come from.

Nativity is a call to come home to God, the Father of the Nativity of your soul. God has given this vision for such a time as this when there is a great falling away. Pastor’s expository prolific preaching has cast this vision to encourage the congregation to catch it so that we can partner with God in calling His estranged children to return, reconnect, and reestablish relationship with God the Father who is the author of the nativity of our inner life. So that we can know life again like we knew it before; before sin ever came in. The way of the world is causing our children to leave the church and fall further away from God into cultural life styles that are not of the God culture.

Pastor’s approach to ministry is holistic in nature. He is interest in the overall wellbeing of each individual. As well as the unity and completeness in Christ, for the body of Christ collectively. Pastor Drake’s prayer is that this spirit of togetherness will extend within and beyond the walls of the church building into our home, neighborhoods, communities, and throughout the world.

This nativity vision has a home life focus. We live in a world where family and home life is destroyed. The nativity vision introduces the concept of the Fatherhood of God in the home of our soul. Thereby, we become God’s children and from within He can teach us how to live as sisters and brothers in Christ the abundant life in every cycle of life. Vision Nativity give us the mindset to remind parents that Christ in the family brings parent love for children and children’s love for parents. From family to our neighborhood nativity brings neighborhood watch. Beside reducing crime and violence neighborhood watch can release a spirit of togetherness and watching out for one another in the neighborhood.   

Vision Nativity challenges the partnership of the expecting mother to begin the holistic approach by ministering the Fatherhood of God to the unborn while the Father of life is fearfully and wonderfully shaping and developing the fetus into wholeness while it is still in her womb. The nativity vision mindset bring to the family of God ministry that remind parents that it is their responsibility to ensure the holistic development of the new born in the cycle of its infancy. To implement this holistic approach in 2008 our church purchased a building for daycare. In 2009 the center was licensed to operate serving seventy two children, infants and toddlers (Ages 0-2), preschoolers (ages 3-4, school age (ages 5+).

The number one goal was to help young mothers and fathers in the development of their babies to get a right start from the start. Nativity personified our center with its own vision, “Nativity, from the womb through school.” Nativity set our minds on child and youth development, through education, bible study, Sunday school, worship, praise dance, children and youth rallies, community outreach, fellowship with other churches youth, summer trips etc. Nativity focus is on every age group; seniors, men and women, mother and father, grandparents and their role in life development.

Touching on ministry for our neighborhood and our communities, In 2001 God lead our pastor to begin Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center, Inc. Shortly their after God blessed our church to purchase a ten thousand square foot building formally a Furniture Store to house the center’s programs. Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center is a 501(c) (3) Non-Profit Organization.

This not for profit organization provides educational assistance, educational resources, family services, technical training, housing counseling and rental assistance to the general public. The Family Resource Center has been in partnership with world vision for more than ten years. World Vision has designated our center as one of its national disaster relief sites. The GIK, Gift In Kind, a subsidiary of World Vision has afforded our center the privilege to partner with nine other pastors and their congregations.

Recently CGFRC formed a partnership with Fellowship Missionary Baptist Convention of Georgia, Inc. and with local pastors and area churches. During the aftermath of Hurricane Michael this partnership serve over one thousand families affected by the storm. Twice a month, the last two Tuesdays; the center’s food pantry and clothes closet is opened to serve needed families. Over the years we have incurred grants for after school tutorial programs, and senior’s computer classes.

Be a volunteer. Call Cutliff Grove Family Resource Center Inc. Albany at (229) 435-0060 for current volunteer work opportunities.